Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Clean Shop & the FF Focuser

I helped the " Twisters " clean the shop this weekend. It was a busy spring with long hours for all, and the place was a wreck. But this weekend marked a change, we added a "Wood Wing" , and we made room for Tony's Sheet Metal Break, to be brought over from the old neon shop. We set it up so we can paint the ole girl, without much trouble. All the metal tools have room to work around them now. I made a classic out feed bench for a great old cast iron saw we have. One more bench for the wood miter saw to finish, and we can start this project in a greatly expanded shop with far more capabilities than we had last week. I will be setting up a fixed camera position of these 2 benches, Hoping to make a time lapse of this oven.

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