Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gathering the Materials

As I said in the side bar, I read "Direct Use of the Sun's Energy " a while ago. So this hunt for materials on the net was pretty fun. I bought a couple of real solar age products for it. My first was the reflector film , still hard to find small amounts from these guys who make and sell it. But the upside I bought it at $3.00 a foot, 94% reflective from a company who has just run a series of tests with the National Renewable Lab in Colorado. This outfit is called : ReflecTech, Inc. ( Warning their site is under attack! )
They mail out samples free, and their minimum is 150 sq. ft. As it stands now my machine will need roughly 60 sq feet of that . So the 150 sq. ft. buy breaks roughly into 3 machines. This is good news. Because , I have just ordered the rest of the stuff I need online. That being the wheels.

The other solar age material I bought was this stuff :

The Prodex and steel sheet.

The outer shell of the oven will have this next to it. Then a dead air space, then 4 inches of some old insulation; rockwool board insulation.

I'm building a pizza oven, that weighs like a box kite.

These two materials will give me something like an R - 40 wall under 6 inches thick. And it won't weigh anything. I will be getting the piano hinges from ebay when the time comes. I've got a feel for that cost. Taking in all the research to date. This oven isn't going to cost more than $700.00 in materials.

So here is my latest projection tonight -

A 15 cu. foot oven on wheels , that works when the sun shines. That 2 guys can pick-up , and load into a pickup.

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