Friday, May 22, 2009


I am at a loss for words, a rare event folks , enjoy it while you can. As things stand today, after we get the shop cleaned up , we can make a start on the oven this coming week. I set a goal of raising $500 online to defray the cost of this oven. Today that fund has $610 in it.

And that's a good thing, because the $491 roll of reflective film is on a UPS truck coming from Colorado. Still hashing out the steel materials list for the frame, but that is about the last major expense left, everything else has been bought, and paid for. When that is complete , I'll post the whole list and costs here.

To everyone who has helped me with this project, my sincere thanks.

Up Date Sat. Morning
Got the steel list done, and fiddled with the size of the oven to use my materials more efficiently when we start doing the layout. I also forgot to mention the glazing, I will order that when the oven shell nears completion.

In an effort to hold down the number of posts , and to try and make this site more useful, I am adding comments, drawings, and pictures to older posts . I have added drawings and measurements to the post on the frame for example. As the shell construction moves along I will be adding to that post, and so on.

Once again , to all who got in this canoe, and took up a paddle, many thanks.

Colorado Bob

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