Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Forkner Fresnel Focuser

The Forkner Fresnel Focuser ....... My other Solar Project, the one I'm not begging for on the internnet.

This thing has no point whatsoever, except to show people how hot a little sunshine can get.

Lot's of big changes on Buddy Holly Ave. I stood my focuser out in the garden tonight . And damn it I forgot my camera. Where I have it now, is the wrong spot . We will move it's 09' location farther to the east, right next to the cement foot print. A little bond-dough work and some paint, & field testing can begin. We have a lead "pipe part" off a big ass organ , I want to make steam in a small copper boiler on the focuser, and see if we can make the old organ part " whistle".

As a life long student of just what the Sun can do. When the chance came to buy a 22" Fresnel Lenses on eBay at 2 A.M. , I bite hard. This lenses takes just the sun light from a 22" inch circle, and focuses it into a 1/2 inch rectangle. That rectangle is nearly 700 degrees.

We need a sundial.

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