Saturday, June 6, 2009

Billy Thorpe - Children of the Sun

A very nice comment from solarcookingnut

WHAOOOOO, THAT IS GOING TO BE A BIG OVEN! Will be great to cook at family reunions and cookouts! Looking forward to seeing this one cooking! Keep up the videos, can't wait to see this!

He offers more sage advice for me.
I built several large ovens, not as big as this, but still big enough to cook a whole meal in ONE oven. I always tell newbies to BUILD A BIG oven, this way, they won't be disappointed with having to build another one that is larger than the first. In my slantfaced oven, I can cook a meat, casserole, veggies, bread and dessert in ONE oven. i start with the meat first, then add the other pots in the order they will be done by dinner I stack them on top of the other pots using racks.

Good work song -

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