Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Welding Steel

I have not welded steel in 30 years. And I never have had any time on a wire welder. I learned welding in the shop at O.L. Slaton Jr. High in 1963. That gave me enough courage, to be a hippie welder years later. But finally it was in the oilfield I practiced enough to be just O.K. But that was all stick welding. This frame is being made with a wire welder. I like it. I'm not any good as a welder, but I like it.

Made a $31.00 trip to Home Depot for fastners. Axel nuts, screws to mount the oven shell on the frame, a 1/4 - 20 tap and drill, to tap the frame. And $11.30 for 4 bolts, they're in the clip. Dropped another $10.00 for grinding wheels at Harbor Freight.

I am about to start the sheet metal work tomorrow. I spent time in a sheet metal shop. The rest of this fabrication work is sheet metal.

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  1. Congratulations on reaching your goal. Extras can go towards those third world ovens.