Saturday, June 27, 2009

Making Reflector Parts & Some Numbers

The total surface area of my glass is 700 sq. in. or 4.86 sq feet. That's 25 X 28 inches.
The reflectors are going to be 6,129 sq in. or 42.56 sq feet .
That's 8.82 to 1

That's 47.42 sq feet of total collecting power going into a box that is 10.89 cu. feet. of space.
This also means that I have enough ReFlectec film left over for 2 more ovens. So the $491.00 bill
divided by 3 equals $163.66 in film for the reflector. I bought 3 more sheets of 26 ga. steel.
That's 6 sheets total , of which 5 and a half will go in the oven. They were $33.00 per sheet.

$163.66 in film for the reflector.
$198.00 in sheet steel.
$80.00 in Prodex foil insulation.
$82.00 in rockboard mineral insulation
$23.00 in hinges.
$90.00 for wheels.
$77.00 for steel for frame and axle.
$60.00 for hardware & bits.
$36.00 for tape.
I've sure there's a couple of things I've missed but , that number is where I am right now.

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